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‘Have You Expressed Appreciation to Your Partner Today?’ There’s an App to Remind You.

“Matrimimoniology (MARRIAGE) with Dr. Benjamin Karney” — Interview with Alie Ward on the Ologies Podcast

Love! Romance! Intimate relationships! Marriage! Divorce! Remarriage! Clowns! This episode has it all. The wonderfully warm Dr. Benjamin Karney of the UCLA Marriage lab has been studying romance and intimate relationships for 20 years and sits down to chat about being single and the mechanisms behind finding a partner, what behaviors foster intimacy, why some couples stay together vs. splitting up, some bananas proposals, wedding budgets, how parenting affects marriage, historical problems with matrimony and his own experiences with marriage and divorce. Listen for free here!


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Marital Problems Remain Stable, Even as Satisfaction Declines, UGA Study Finds

Interview with KTTV – Channel 11 News

Love Me Slender: Key Ideas From a Book About Couples and Health

Meeting our goals for diet and exercise can be hard, but our intimate relationships offer ways to overcome the obstacles. Using examples from their own research, UCLA Professors Bradbury and Karney discuss how couples talk to each other about their weight and health, and they offer simple, practical recommendations on how we can ask for and receive the support we need.


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