Intimate Relationships (3rd Edition)
In the age of texting, sexting, and swiping right, technology has transformed the way couples create and maintain intimacy. To help students think critically about modern intimacy, the Third Edition synthesizes the latest research on couples and embraces the rich diversity of intimacy across couples and cultures.

Although our need for intimacy is an enduring facet of human nature, our relationships are also constantly evolving to reflect the rapid pace of technological and social change. The Third Edition exposes students to the myriad ways that relationships have been transforming, as well as to the latest research tracking and explaining these shifts.

A diverse look at intimacy across couples & cultures:

Understanding relationships requires that students recognize how varied the experience of intimacy can be across different age groups, income levels, cultures, and sexualities. In this text, the appreciation of diversity is not merely incidental but rather is used throughout to refine and deepen students’ understanding of core principles of how couples function.

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Love Me Slender
Based on cutting-edge research with more than 1,000 married couples, Love Me Slender shows you how to bolster your resolve by strengthening your relationship, offering a fresh approach to weight loss that will turn your spouse from a diet saboteur into your most loyal health ally.

Eat right. Stay active. Good health follows from a few simple habits, yet millions of us struggle every day to put these habits into practice. Love Me Slender offers new solutions based on a remarkable insight: The powerful connection we share with our mate can influence what we eat, how much we exercise, how well we age, and ultimately how long we live. Strengthening this connection, and using it to influence our daily habits, holds the key to better health.

Over the course of their twenty-year collaboration, Drs. Thomas Bradbury and Benjamin Karney have witnessed how difficult it is for partners to give each other the support they both really need – especially around emotionally loaded topics like unhealthy eating habits and weight loss. As co-directors of the Relationship Institute at UCLA, they have analyzed hundreds of conversations between partners seeking to change their eating and exercise habits, and they have identified the specific principles that determine whether couples struggle – or succeed – in their quest to improve their health.

Featuring case studies, self-assessments, and sound practical advice, Love Me Slender is an eye-opening, uplifting guide that shows relationship partners how to discover the right ways – and avoid the pitfalls – of supporting one another in their lifelong pursuit of better health. 

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